Single Click Supply Chain Visibility

The need for improved visibility across the extended supply chain cannot be understated. Visibility plays a key role in the ability to sense, respond, and ultimately profit through efficient supply chain processes. 

e-SOD's technology literally tracks the unique footprint of an sku (serial number) from its origin at the supplier level through to its ultimate destination - the consumer.  This visibility will enable you and your trading partners to collaborate and improve efficiencies in each step of the process. . 

Follow the "footprint" of these powerful technologies .....  

e-SOD’s unique identification method enables you to assign product(s) according to your existing method of distribution - regardless of the number of trading partners.    Each trading partner is provided access to e-SOD technologies according to your parameters.  As a supplier, your entire supply chain's inventory and sales are available "on click”.

Permission based control and reporting tools are provided within the authorizing platform.

Permission Based Control At All Levels
All features and functionality within the e-SOD platform are permission based.  Administrative controls are provided to enable permissions to be set uniquely and securely at each level of your supply chain.   

Sales and Inventory Management
Sales visibility and/or software and inventory level reporting tools provide invaluable insight as to the sales performance of your product(s) at each level of your customized supply chain.  These reporting tools can be authorized by your company for preview at each level. 






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