Supply Chain Transformation for the Software Industry

Perhaps the area of greatest supply chain innovation and change has been the potential of using information technology to extend supply chain relationships.

The need for improved visibility across the extended supply chain cannot be understated. Visibility plays a key role in the ability to sense, respond, and ultimately profit through efficient supply chain processes.

G7 Solutions has the technologies to help you meet this challenge quickly and affordably with
e-SoftwareOnDemand (e-SOD)

e-SOD is patent pending web-based supply chain management technology customized for the distribution of licensed software products in a retail environment.  These innovative technologies provide end to end software order and inventory visibility across multiple supply chain tiers ... in a few simple clicks  

The e-SOD hosted solution or "Software as a Service" SaaS, empowers your supply chain by providing 24/7 visibility for both retailers and suppliers into the same platform.  The inefficiencies of trying to patch proprietary systems together disappear as e-SOD tracks the "unique" footprint of a single sku throughout the supply chain.  Decision makers have the information available to make strategic decisions concerning product movement continuously.     If you can see it .. you can manage it. 

A few of the many benefits of implementing e-SOD technologies for both retailer and supplier are shown below.   Click the link for expanded information on each benefit. 

As technology has advanced so have customer's expectations and choices. 
e-SOD can help you meet the challenges in in this "on-demand" world.

Want to know more about how e-SOD's demand-driven supply chain technologies can increase your revenues?  Click here ....






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